Fear Not

Modern psychology these days appears to indicate that residing with fears is everyday. Some popular terms are, “Accepting your fears”, “Managing your fears”, “Embracing your fears”, or, “Coping together with your fears.” But is that clearly the way the Creator intended us to live, with fear?

Fear will continually limit you and hold you from being the man or woman you actually need to be. Fear is unfavourable and it ruins lives. Learning to stay along with your fears isn’t always the solution. Ignoring your fears is not the solution. Getting rid of your fears is the solution and it’s far available.

If it’s miles “regular” to stay with fear why is it that now not really spelled out to us in the Bible? In reality, simply the opposite is real. Many instances on the pages of Scripture you’ll find the word, “Fear now not.” If it is everyday to simply accept your fears, why could God teach us to be peculiar by pronouncing, “Fear now not?”

Why does the Bible say, “I sought the Lord and He heard me and introduced me from all my fears”? If it had been God’s purpose for us to embrace our fears why doesn’t it say, “I sought the Lord and He helped me to include and receive all my fears”?

God never intended for His human beings to be defeated and full of fear. He goals just the other, that we stay a fulfilled existence, an abundant lifestyles. He needs in particular things that we prosper and be in fitness. The Bible says that worry has torment and that is so real.

So many Christians are residing needlessly with fears – all styles of fears. God can deliver you of any and every worry. He may even deliver you out of your private worry. Jesus told a person whose daughter had simply died, “Fear now not, handiest agree with!” The man refused to fear and believed, and his daughter become raised lower back to life! Why did Jesus tell him, “Fear no longer?” Because worry will usually hold you from believing and accepting the promises of God. But while you consider the promises of God, you’ll see them come to bypass for your lifestyles.

Are you uninterested in living with worry? God can deliver you! Ask God that will help you and deliver you from all of your fears.

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